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Emergency Damage Repair San Francisco

Bay Area Water Damage and Fire Damage Repair

Living in San Francisco is a calculated risk. In addition to the rolling hills, the beauty of the Bay, the vibrant culture, and the rich history of the City of San Francisco, we also live with the constant threat of devastating earthquakes, fires, floods, and other disasters. We live with these risks because we have to—there is nowhere that is absolutely safe—and because we can. Over hundreds of years living in the San Francisco County area, people have developed better architecture, building standards, materials, and safety procedures to mitigate the damage and danger brought on by the weather, earth, and other dangers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call Vital Restoration now at (650) 262-4545 or contact us here online.

But no matter how prepared we are, disasters will always strike, and they will always affect us. And when they do, they leave damage in their wake. Your home can be shaken by an earthquake, or flooded by a broken pipe, or soiled in a mudslide, or damaged by a fire. Whatever the damage may be, you want to clean it up and move on with you life as quickly and thoroughly as possible. That’s where Vital Restoration comes in.

Vital Restoration is the premier emergency damage repair and restoration company in San Francisco County. We have seen the aftermath of all sorts of disasters, from smoke and soot damage after a fire to mold, mildew and mud after a flood. We have the expertise, the equipment, and the right connections to get your house cleaned, restored, and rebuilt as quickly and thoroughly as possible, We take all major home insurance policies, and we can even refer you to other disaster management services to help get your life back on track.

When an emergency strikes, it can be difficult to know where to turn or what to do first. That’s why Vital Restoration offers full service emergency damage repair services for any kind of damage to your home or business. From water damage restoration to fire damage restoration, our cleaning experts, remediation technicians, and building contractors will restore your San Francisco home to better than new condition. Because emergencies can strike at any time, and damage can worsen very quickly if not immediately addressed, we offer 24-hour emergency response service anywhere in San Francisco County. Here are some of the services we offer:

Fire and Water Damage Repair

Fire can be one of the most devastatingly traumatic events that can ever happen your family and your home. In addition to the damage that the fire itself can cause to your structure and possessions, the smoke and soot can stain and ruin objects and parts of your home that the fire never touched. Because fire can make the structure of your home unsafe to inhabit, you can be displaced for days or even weeks, which may invite thieves, squatters, weather, or even wildlife into your home to cause further damage. That is why it is important to start the fire repair and fire damage restoration as soon as the fire has been put out.

Ironically, some of the worst damage from fires is actually caused by the water the fire department uses to put it out. Water can seep into the walls and wood of your home, weakening the already-damaged structure and requires immediate repair. If left standing, water can encourage the growth of harmful mold, bacteria, and fungus in your home. That’s why the first step in fire damage restoration is to clean up the standing water left in your home. We use high-powered shop vacuums to suck up all the standing water, as well as most of the moisture in the structural wood and wallboard, and in your furniture and carpet. Next we use room isolators and high-powered ventilators and dehumidifiers to remove the remaining moisture from the structure and possessions in your home.

Once the water and moisture have been removed, we get to work on the fire repair. The first step in this process is for our fire damage reapir experts to walk with you through the damaged areas and take a detailed inventory of the damaged areas of the house, carefully noting what has been damaged and how, so you can report your losses to your insurance company, and we know what tools we need to do to restore what remains. We then use special cleaning agents and deodorizers to remove soot and smoke damage to your walls, curtains, and furniture. We call in contractors to reinforce and repair studs, beams, and pipes that were damaged by the fire. We refer you to specialists who can restore your electronics and other valuables. During the fire repair process, we can pack your valuables into either on-site mobile storage units, or off-site storage to prevent further damage.

Fire damage is one of the most difficult and traumatic disasters that a homeowner can face. We understand the pain and loss that you are going through as you work to rebuild what you have lost to the fire. That is why our experienced fire damage repair professionals take the time and care to fully inventory your belongings, and treat them with care and respect during the packing, moving, and fire repair processes. We take the time to understand the type of fire that damaged your home so that we can treat it with the specific tools and chemicals that will do the best job in cleaning it up. When you return to your home after our fire damage restoration, we want it to be as good or better than it was before the fire. Vital Restoration.