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San Francisco Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are very important part of a home or a building. They are essential for your heating and cooling system to work efficiently and condition the air inside the rooms. Yet, as much as they are important for the appropriate ventilation in the building, they can also attract a lot of dirt and mold. That is why Vital Restoration offers services of San Francisco air duct cleaning in order keep your own home safe for your own self.

What Are ducts for?

Ducts are generally a part of a building’s air conditioning and ventilating system. The purpose of duct is to carry the heated or cooled air into the building. The energy that is produced by your heating or cooling system is carried through the ducts to the desired rooms. Where ever a vent is left opened, the energy will find its way through the vents and enter the room. This helps in making the room warmer or cooler accordingly.

It is definitely a very useful component for any building, yet with time it becomes the favorite place for many contaminants. That is why Vital Restoration’s San Francisco air duct cleaning services are here to save you from the harmful effects a dirty duct.

Dark side of the duct

A duct, if not cleaned within specific period of time might accumulate a lot of contaminate. These might include mold, dirt, dust, grime, germs, cellulose construction debris and animal dander. Fungi, germs and molds require all these things and moisture to grow. Therefore, they can’t find a better breeding ground than your duct. Also, it is the favorite breeding ground for insects and not to mention, rodents.

According to EPA, the indoor air is found to be 70% more polluted than outdoor air. Most of this contributes to unclean air duct. Therefore, air duct must be inspected every few months to see if whether it needs cleaning or not. Moreover, it is important to get it cleaned in every two years. However, it might vary from place to place. Therefore, you must at least get your air-ducts inspected in every two years to check if they need cleaning or not. Whether or not you get it inspected or not San Francisco air duct cleaning services are crucial at least once in every two years.

Effects of Unclean Duct

As mentioned earlier, your indoor air can be multiple times more polluted than the air outside. As most of our time is spent inside the house, taking care of indoor pollution becomes absolutely necessary. A lot of this pollution can be reduced by getting Vital Restoration’s San Francisco air duct cleaning services to clean your air duct.

  • Research have proven that, unclean duct can have very apparent effects on the residents’ health most vulnerable victims of the polluted air are children and your pets. Generally, following symptoms will identify that you now need San Francisco air duct cleaning for your duct.
  • Since ducts will accumulate a lot of dust, the same dust will enter your home through ventilating systems. Therefore, you will find more dust over your furniture than usual.
  • Even after cleaning your home properly, more dust will quickly gather over your home and in the air.
  • You or your family members might experience headaches and sinus problems after or during sleeps.
  • The air flow of through the vents will get considerably lesser than normal. Due to this, the rooms might feel suffocating at times.
  • You might experience dry and burning sensation in your eyes, nose or throat.
  • The heating or cooling system produces a stale or musty odor when turned on.
  • Studies have proven that many allergies and diseases are caused due to unclean air through the vents. These might include respiratory problems, salmonella, strep, and legionnaire’s disease. If any of your family member develops these diseases without any other apparent reason. It is time to call for the San Francisco air duct cleaning.

A breath of fresh air

Nothing is worth your health and your family’s well being. Therefore, San Francisco air duct cleaning from Vital Restoration is definitely required to ensure that you are breathing clean and fresh air while living in your home. Along with San Francisco air duct cleaning, professionals at Vital Restoration will inspect and clean the complete heating and cooling system along with registers, fans, ducts and coils.

As the environmental agencies recommend air duct cleaning for healthy and safe living conditions, they also suggest that you get it done by expert professionals at a reputable San Francisco air duct cleaning. That is where we come to serve you.

At Vital Restoration, technicians use the most up to date, powerful and effective duct cleaning systems you can find today. Other than the best tools and equipment, it is the professional experience and training of our professionals that ensure your San Francisco air duct cleaning has been conducted in the most desirable manner. Not only do we clean the ducts, we also inspect the whole system for any kind of leaks and other problems that might be affecting the systems efficiency.


Having your air duct cleaned and inspected by Vital Restoration will not only provide you a healthier indoor environment in your home but also provide several other advantages.

  • A properly clean air duct will maximize the efficiency of both heating and cooling system. It has been proved that almost 10 percent of the energy in our homes is wasted due to unclean or leaky ducts.
  • It will save you a lot of money you ¬†that you would otherwise have to spend on wasted energy and medical bills.
  • Unclogging of the system will also allow the heating and cooling systems to work efficiently and you will feel the difference clearly.
  • Your furniture will accumulate lesser debris and dirt and hence you will need to clean it less often.
  • You will feel more comfortable and safe while relaxing at your home knowing that your family’s health and well-being is no more compromised

Conclusively, San Francisco air duct cleaning will help you in fighting off the hazards and dangers that an unclean duct might pose to your family and you. With our highly professional and quality services the difference would be visible through naked eyes. Not only that you will see your vents and ducts visibly clean and shining. You will feel the freshness and cleanness in every breath you take. So, if your air duct hasn’t gone through any sort of cleaning or inspection for more than two years, immediately call Vital Restoration San Francisco air duct cleaning services team for a thorough inspection.