Water Damage Restoration and Remediation

If you have suffered a minor spill, burst pipe, or catastrophic fire or flood in your Bay Area home or office, the resulting water damage can range from basic wood warping to potentially deadly mold and other contagions. Swift action is critical to containing and minimizing loss. At the first sign of water damage, call Vital Restoration for a free on-site water damage repair assessment. We have years of experience in the field and we are available 24/7 so you will be sure to get an immediate response.

Vital Restoration – Professionals You Can Rely On

Vital Restoration is a licensed and certified water damage repair service. Our multi-step process includes water extraction, damage remediation, and damage restoration completed by our professional technicians, using the most accurate, state-of-the-art equipment in the industry.

Is Your Home or Office At Risk?

While some water damage is visible (e.g. from a flood or burst pipe), other damage can be the result of less obvious causes. Here are a few of the common causes of structural water damage in the Bay Area:

Leaky Roofs —Although modern roofing materials and techniques are very effective, roofs inevitably wear down, letting water leak in, usually just a few drops at a time. But that little bit can cause wood and drywall to warp, and can create an ideal medium for hazardous bacteria and mold to grow.

Blocked Gutter or Downspout — Gutters or downspouts are designed to direct runoff from the roof to the ground. When they are clogged, water can back up and collect on the roof, seeping under roof shingles and soaking through wood and insulation.

Landscaping Changes — Changes in the landscaping around your building can shift the direction that water flows, directing it toward your foundation. Water can damage your foundation by eroding the ground beneath it or by seeping into cracks and eroding the foundation itself.

Leaky Plumbing — This is the most common cause of water damage. Water-using appliances such as the toilet, sink, shower, tub, dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine can develop leaks, as can the in-wall water pipes that supply them. Minor leaks can go undetected for years until they have caused significant water damage. The backsplash on your kitchen sink can also cause water damage if it is cracked, or if the seal has grown hard and cracked.

Natural Disasters — Floods and mudslides can cause water to build up and spill over walls and other barriers that are designed for moderate rainfall. Even when floodwaters have subsided, they can leave mud, dirt, and debris on your floors and walls. These conditions can cause hazardous bacteria, fungi, and mold to grow in your home or office, and can attract insects and other pests. Earthquakes can also cause cracks in foundations and walls that could allow water to leak into your foundation and walls. This can also create ideal growth conditions for bacterial and mold growth.

How Serious Is the Contamination?

Vital restoration can handle any water removal and remediation job, no matter what level of contamination the water may have.

·         White Water – White water damage does not pose a substantial health concern, but can still cause structural damage and provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The most common instances of white water damage are caused by overflowing sinks, leaking appliances, and burst pipes.

·         Grey Water – Grey water comes from a source that may cause sickness when exposed to or consumed. This may be water from a toilet bowl, or other sources that have been exposed to relatively mild chemicals or toxins. Grey water should be treated with caution, and needs to be handled quickly and safely by a professional.

·         Black Water – The third and most serious type of water source is black water. While not necessarily black in color, black water is completely unsanitary. Generally, water from any type of flooding, including river/rain water or seawater, is classified as black water and contains harmful bacteria. Black water damage remediation and repairs should only be undertaken by a trained professional water damage repair service.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a multi-step process. It involves eliminating the standing water, evaporating the remaining moisture and restoring your home to its former condition. Depending on the amount of damage, this may involve repairing or replacing walls or flooring, removing mold colonies and disposing of severely damaged or contaminated articles.

We begin with a thorough site inspection using the most advanced tools in the industry. We use sensitive tools to detect water, moisture, and mold spores at the level of parts per million. Drying out the areas you can see doesn’t do much good if the hidden areas are contaminated by hazardous mold and bacteria. We know where moisture collects and where mold congregates, and we inspect every nook and cranny to find hidden water deposits or hidden mold colonies.

Drying Out Walls, Floors and Ceilings

We remove standing water (including mud, rain water & sewage) with the help of an industrial extractor. Our highly trained and experienced technicians draw out water in carpeting, hardwood floors, drywall, and ceilings. We use high-powered, efficient, and quick water removal dryers and blowers to blast moisture out of your walls, floors, and supports. Carpet is usually one of the first spots affected by damage from water, and because of its low position and absorbency it often takes the worst damage from water. Vital Restoration can dry your carpets out, repair any tearing or mold damage, and dye the entire area to a matching color. If your carpet has shrunk as a result of damage from water, our expert repair contractors can stretch it back out to cover its original area.

Dealing With Sewage

When drainage pipes burst or city lines back up into your home, water damage will be the least of your problems. Vital Restoration can remove the sewage and conduct thorough damage remediation and sanitation procedures. We have industrial-strength cleaning tools and chemicals to scrub out sewage, bacteria, and mold. We can also remove contaminated wallboard and carpets.

The water damage professionals at Vital Restoration will use their years of damage remediation experience to fix water damage at your home or office. Call us at 650-262-4545 to have us return your home or business to its pristine condition after water damage.

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