Mold Inspection

The Bay Area’s wet weather and humidity make it a prime breeding ground for indoor mold growth. If left unchecked, those small spores can take a big toll on your home and your family. Regular mold inspection by the professionals at Vital Restoration can help protect your house and your loved ones.

Problems Caused by Mold

Mold can cause serious harm. Structural damage, such as weakened floors and walls, can result from mold feeding on wet wood. Mold spores can also impact the health of you and your family with issues ranging from mild to severe, including allergic reactions, asthma episodes, and other respiratory problems, even in people with no previous occurrences. Molds contain microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs), which can affect the brain and central nervous system. Some molds are toxigenic and contain dangerous carcinogens and have been linked to certain cancers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Molat at ceiling

Some individuals have been found to be more susceptible to the negative health impacts of mold exposure, including

• infants and children

• the elderly

• immune-compromised patients, such as those with HIV infection, cancer, autoimmune disease, liver disease, and anyone receiving chemotherapy

• individuals with existing respiratory conditions or sensitivities, such as allergies and asthma

Even people with no previous history of allergies or respiratory issues may experience symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, or skin irritation when exposed to mold.

How a Mold Inspection Can Help

While keeping your home clean and using quality dehumidifiers in humid areas (such as kitchens and bathrooms) will help reduce your risk of household mold growth, it’s not always possible to prevent it. Mold can grow anywhere, including behind walls, in the ducts of heating and air conditioning systems, beneath furniture, and in other places that you might not think to check. Issues like water damage, insufficient airflow, or lack of proper insulation can go undetected by a homeowner until it’s too late and the mold has spread to the point of causing structural or health problems. Once mold begins to infect the inside of your home, it can become difficult to manage. This is why having regular mold inspection by professionals like those at Vital Restoration is so important, even if you don’t find any visible signs of mold growth. Our trained and certified professionals have the expertise and most up-to-date technology to seek out and identify mold growth to treat it before it can cause serious harm.

Mold Inspection

What to Expect During a Professional Mold Inspection

A typical assessment usually starts with a visual inspection of the damaged areas and other parts of the structure where mold could be present. The technician will identify the source of the moisture and evaluate the mold growth, both the mold that is visible and mold that is hidden behind walls, in the air conditioning system or in other areas. The technician will take samples from the affected surfaces and sometimes will sample the air in the building as well.

Developing a Plan of Action

If a problem is discovered during the mold inspection, the technician will outline a plan to remove it, repair the damage, fix the problems to ensure that the mold doesn’t return, and then restore your property to its original condition.

Next Step: Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the process of stopping mold growth and removing existing mold from your home. The procedures for mold removal will vary based on the amount of mold, the type of mold and the type of environment, but the fundamentals of mold remediation are universal. It is a multi-step process that involves a combination of heat, disinfection and spore removal. Heat is used to dry the mold and render the spores inactive, so that they can be safely removed. Combined with thorough disinfection of the affected area, this prevents the growth from reoccurring.

If the mold problem is serious, it’s important that you don’t attempt to deal with it yourself. Cleaning mold by hand may cause the spores to travel freely through the air, which can increase the risk of health problems and actually spread the mold. Instead, rely on the mold remediation experts at Vital Restoration at 650-262-4545 or contact us online by filling out a simple form for safe and effective mold removal.

Vital Restoration: Experts You Can Trust

Our years of dependable service and quick response time have built our strong reputation for helping people in the Bay Area live without the threat of mold.

When you call Vital Restoration to schedule an inspection, you can be sure that you are getting the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the cleaning and restoration field. We can identify exactly what kind of mold you have, and then eliminate the problem using the most cutting-edge mold remediation tools. We also pride ourselves on our rapid, emergency response, any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

If you have mold growing, don’t put your health and the health of your loved ones at risk any longer. Call the San Francisco mold inspection and remediation experts at Vital Restoration today at 650-262-4545 for your free estimate.