Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

If dirt and stains have made your carpet and upholstered furniture look tired, worn and unappealing, call the experts at Vital Restoration at 650-262-4545 for safe and effective carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Whether the damage is from everyday wear-and-tear, or from a household calamity like flooding or smoke, our team of skilled professionals will make your carpet and upholstery look beautiful again.

Professional Expertise at Your Service

Our highly skilled technicians are specialists in cleaning and restoration. Trained and experienced, they will put their knowledge to work to match the right products to the job. Is your carpet faded? Our experts will carefully select and apply one or more of our high quality dyes with extreme precision so that it seamlessly matches the exact color and design of your carpet.


When it comes to upholstery cleaning, the professionals at Vital Restoration will begin by examining your furniture to determine the fabric and its cleaning needs. Even the most delicate and stubborn fabrics have an ideal cleaning solution. Once our professionals determine the fabric requirements, they apply the proper cleaning solution to restore your upholstery to its former glory.

Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

At Vital Restoration, we do more than just clean; we revive your carpeting and furniture to refresh the look of your home. Our professional-strength products are not only effective at removing soil and stains, they are safe for your family, pets, and fabrics.

Our carpet-cleaning solution is completely non-toxic, which makes it a safe choice for households with children and pets, those with allergies, and individuals with health issues. Each of our upholstery-cleaning solutions is specially designed for a specific type of fabric. The solutions are blended to achieve maximum cleaning efficiency while maintaining an ideal pH level within the fabric.

Powerful High-End Equipment

Vital Restoration professionals use heavy-duty machines to ensure that your carpet and upholstery are free of dirt, dust and residue. Our high-powered, truck-mounted cleaning can be used on any size of carpet or upholstery to restore it back to its original beauty. These units are powered by heavy motors and are able to spray several pounds of water per inch. This high-pressure enhances the cleaning capacity of the solution and leaves the carpet or furniture with a thorough rinse and soft finish.

The vacuum power is many times greater than any ordinary household cleaning system, meaning it extracts dirt and residue more completely, while significantly reducing drying time. Our system is even powerful enough to completely eliminate stubborn issues like mold and mildew, and this further helps to improve the air quality in your home.

On-Site or Off-Site Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

For your convenience, we offer both on-site and off-site cleaning. If it’s difficult for you to schedule a time to be home to have your furniture or area rugs cleaned, you can bring them to us and we will clean them at our facility.

Refresh your carpet and furniture with a professional cleaning from Vital Restoration. Not only will we remove dirt and stubborn stains, we will renew and restore the fabrics in your home.

Call the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts at Vital Restoration today at 650-262-4545 for your free estimate.