San Francisco Fire Damage Repair Services

Fire is devastating. It can destroy your home, your possessions, and leave you emotionally traumatized. At Vital Restoration, our fire remediation experts can help repair and renovate your home and renew your sense of security. Our San Francisco fire damage repair services can get you back in your home or business quickly.

What We Do

Our fire repair specialists will come to your home or building to assess the damage and create a plan for restoration. After inspection has been completed our trained professionals will begin fire damage repair by eliminating smoke and soot odors with the use of industrial air movers.

We then remove the remaining soot from the floors, ceilings, and walls. Depending on the extent of the fire damage this could including removing sections of the structure or simply removing the damage and initiating repairs.

Once the damage has been removed we begin the process of repairing, replacing, and repainting. Our staff will restore your property to pre-disaster conditions.

Contact Us

Every cleanup job is different, and each one requires different repairs and restoration. We can inspect your property and give you a free estimate for repair. We will develop a plan to clean and restore your property. At Vital Restoration we pride ourselves on our expert Bay Area fire cleanup and our speedy, efficient restoration. We can get you back in your home or office as quickly as possible. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your property.